Cat Boarding

We have 4 cat condos (2 large and 2 small) as well as our cat "Living Room" where we can let each cat outside of it's individual run and play with us or just have some extra space to stretch out on the couch. The condos each have cat towers, beds, rugs, and toys provided for added comfort to give the feel of being at home. The larger condos are reserved for families of 2 or more cats where the smaller ones are meant for only one cat but can fit more if necessary.

indoor pet boardingoutdoor pet boarding

Cat Boarding Prices

One Cat

  • -- $17

Two Cats

  • --- $15

Third+ Cats

  • Different Run -- $10
  • Same Run --  $8

Long Stays

  • More than 13 nights -- $12
  • More than 20 nights -- $10

​Prices are per cat per night